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Editorial  Page design & layout   Book design   Magazine design   Packaging & die cutting 

Don’t believe the hype – there’s still a lot to be said for print. Far from being dead and buried, it’s making something of a comeback. At Lemonade, we believe in the right medium for the right job.

We have a mixed team of graphic designers and journalists who understand print as well as we understand digital. Lemonade can put together the right team for the job.



Lemonade has a team of writers who all met while working together on local newspapers, more than a decade ago. We all went off and did our own things and have now come back together with a multitude of new print skills, including writing for magazines, technical writing, thought leadership and copy writing. 


Page design & layout

Page design can make or break a project. No matter how good the content, if the design makes it hard to read you will alienate your reader. Lemonade’s graphic designers have a wealth of experience across sectors, from direct-to-consumer and business-to-business titles, and from charity to pharmaceutical clients, meaning they have the eye for professional design you are looking for.

Book design

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know that’s not true. From academic textbooks to best-selling novels, design can make the difference between a book being lovingly handled or left languishing on the shelf. 


Magazine design

From healthcare to lifestyle for clients big and small, we design solid grid based layouts with enough flexibility to add visuals, colour and interest. We always have our reader in mind: if it’s for people with eye problems, for example, we will build in larger type, or if children are the target audience, we will add plenty of colourful illustrations.

Packaging & die cutting

Emily may love packaging a little too much: she has collection of more than 200 orange wrappers! As you can see, we are passionate about what we do. We can consider the 3D aspect as well as the surface design, the material and the shape. From the whole box to a little label we will embrace any challenge you care to set us. We also love a die cutting project we cater for anything from invitations, decorations to your marketing materials needs.


So when they tell you print is over, don’t listen. Come speak to us.