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Engaging copy, in print or online, is all about telling stories – and that’s what we are good at.  

At Lemonade, all our writers are trained journalists with decades of experience across platforms and subject areas to draw upon. We are good at talking to people, we know how to get the best from them and how to get the full story, first time every time. Because we come from newspapers, we can write about anything, but we also have specialist knowledge in a wide range of areas – from search engine optimisation to photography, and from moustaches to health and pharma.


With millions of websites out there, getting noticed is about thought leadership – showing you know your niche. That’s what we can help you do. We can get to know your company and your customers, and provide you with perfectly crafted copy that shows you are a cut above.


Copy is about more than putting the rights words on the page: it’s about knowing how to make sure everyone reads to the end. We know that people are interested in people so they take centre stage in everything we do, whether it’s a press release or the text for your new website.


Between us, we have more than four decades of newspaper experience. It means we know how to get and develop stories, and we know what we can and can’t say. Getting to the heart of every story we write is the very foundation of what we do. And it’s what makes all of us love our jobs. 

Copy editing & proofing

If you want to pen something yourself, but need someone to give it the once over before it goes out, let us know. We can dot the ‘i’s cross the ‘t’s and make sure all the apostrophes are in the right place. 

Technical writing

Conveying technical information in a way that doesn’t send your reader to sleep is a skill. Luckily, it’s one that we have. We will work with you to understand the reader and make sure we present the information, whether it’s a whitepaper or a technical manual, in a way that appeals to them.

At Lemonade, we are never happier then when we have a deadline to meet – so get in touch and set us one.

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