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We live in a digital world where just about everything is possible and innovation drives on at lightning pace. But sometimes function can get lost in the midst of all that excitement.

At Lemonade, we will never try to blind you with terminology or over-engineer a solution. We will listen to what you need and recommend how best to get there. We can manage the whole project, from concept and idea generation right through to launch and beyond. Equally, we can take on a single piece of work and deliver it to the highest standards.

Clean, innovative, flexible. And because we are a collaboration, not an agency, you only pay for the skills you need.


Is it time for your business to branch out to the app market do you have a great idea that needs developing, designing and submitting to the app gods? With a few apps under our belts we love the challenging app designing, coding and submitting that app projects entail. We will plan, carry out user testing, manage the whole project come up with concepts and deliver all that with the latest in app design, code and get it delivered to the app stores.

Social media

Used correctly, social media is one of the best tools any organisation can have. Its ability to reach thousands of potential customers is unparalleled, but doing it right can be time consuming. We can take over the day-to-day management of your channels, whether you want us to follow your existing social media strategy or work with you on creating one.

E-mail production 

Everyone has a bulging inbox of newsletters and marketing messages, but what will make yours stand out? Good design and clean code. Our in-house designers and coders will make sure your emails are perfectly branded and designed to attract attention. We can provide the responsive HMTL code to make sure your messages are as optimised as they are attractive.



When you get visitors to your site you want them to find what they are looking for quickly. That's where we come in. We have persuasive design tricks up our sleeves along with years of experience. Our team has a real passion for developing a great user experience for your customers.


There are a multitude of advantages to e-mags, not least the saving on print costs. If done well they can be more engaging than other forms of electronic messaging. All the mag without the paper. Our in-house editorial and design team can provide and package the content, we can create your e-mag, make your artwork .pdf ready or anything in between. 

Responsive web design

Intelligent web design starts with understanding the user. Our team will work with you to pinpoint your end user, map appropriate site navigation and design wireframes. Working with products like Word Press and adding our bespoke coding and CSS touch means sites and content management systems are intuitive and easy to use, look great and are easy to navigate for your site visitors on the platform they wish to visit you on.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) & Paid Media

With Google returning millions of results for every search, making your organisation stand out from the crowd has never been more important. Lemonade will get to know you, your company and your customers to make sure your message spreads. We can create or optimise existing content, from blogs and product descriptions, to websites in their entirety. We can also facilitate your paid media needs.

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