When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, so that’s exactly what we did. And we couldn’t be happier with the fizz we are creating.

When redundancy loomed, we decided to stick together and start out on our own: after all, we love what we do and we love working together. In a fortuitous twist of fate, it came at the same time as two very good friends were also ready to join the party and it just so happened that a perfect space to call our own was up for grabs.


It still feels too good to be true, but here we are. Lemonade Studio is a collective of experienced freelancers who can work individually or in any combination to meet each client’s needs. We project manage, we write, we design, we brand, we do social media, we do SEO,

we offer consultancy.


We will get to know you, your organisation and your goals so we can reflect your voice and image.


We can turn our minds to any subject, and we are also specialists in areas as diverse as photography and crafts to health and technology. And because we are a collaboration, not an agency, you only pay for the skills you need.

What brought us all together is our love of a job well done. We don’t believe in buzz words or overinflated egos: we believe in listening, delivering, and having some fun along the way. It’s as simple as that. 


Based in central Brighton within easy reach of the railway station and more than a few trendy coffee bars and restaurants, we are also quite good fun to visit. Especially if you like dogs, because we have two of those.

Just tell us what you need and we will put together the right team for the job. 








"Lemonade Studio is my first choice for additional editorial and design support. The flexibility of working with individuals or the co-located team means services can be adapted to suit the needs of Oyster's varied client base in terms of content, digital or print design,"

Sophie Randall, Oyster Healthcare Communications

At Lemonade, we are never happier then when we have a deadline to meet – so get in touch and set us one.

Lemonade Studio, Suite 14, Floor 7, Vantage Point, New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4GW

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